Big Bones: Colossal Skeleton

In 2018 I did very few large miniatures, being preoccupied with the Bobbybox and the LAF league most of the winter and spring and having my arms out of commission the whole summer.

For 2019 I think I want to dedicate to variation.

I am far too flighty to stand doing “everything in this army” or “everything in this game” exclusively over a longer period unless there is a lot of variation in the minis. However, I do think I am going to take a stab at finishing off a few games that I do not have all that many minis left to do on, such as Dungeon Saga (some orcs/goblins and the furniture/scenery), The Others 7 Sins (3 of the Sins plus a bunch of mooks and alternate heroes) and Warhammer Quest Silver Tower (“only” the heroes, the gaunt summoner and the tzaangors left to do)… maybe even Space Hulk (all the Terminators).

I am going to start with painting a big one, then a squad/team/small unit, then a character or single monster, a large unit, then another big one, and so forth. Or something to this effect. I expect I will be painting a lot of things in parallell as I usually do, so the order they get posted might not be as strict.



This one has been standing around, based in one form or another since the Bones 1 kickstarter back in 2013 or whenever it actually delivered.  One of the few KS1 Undead Bones I had not painted yet.

I had originally based it on a square movement tray thinking to make it as some sort of skeleton unit for Kings of War, but for some reason that no longer appealed to me when I dusted it off this time. It had actual cobwebs on.

I finally settled on a bespoke 125mm by 90mm oval 3D printed base, and slapped some paint on it to get it done.



How I painted it:

It was originally sprayed with Army Painter Skeleton Bone Spray several years ago. Then I did a basecoat on all the details that were not bone. The main skeleton was given a wash of Citadel Reikland Fleshshade, and when dry, I drybrushed -while making sure there was less and less paint on the brush, and using progressively lighter strokes as I went- the bone with several shades of bone from the very yellowy army painter one to more whitey reaper ones.

The other details were given light washes of black or dark brown, also dirty greenbrown was used, just to get som shading in. Then some top colour that fit, just brushed lightly to accent the details.

The teeth and the bone haft of the weapon was painted with reaper leather white and the gravestone mallet-head was painted greyish green, sandy yellow and off white which is how I often like to do stone.

The metals were done with a coat of gunmetal that was vigourously rubbed with two shades of brownish orange, and then lightly brushed with scalecolor thrash metal. also a bit of gold was used here and there.

This is the kind of miniature where it gets nessecary to go back and fix all the sloppyness as each colour I put on with my shaky hands tend to go all over the place, especially when drybrushing.

Basing was relatievely simple,. just putting down an assortment of tufts here and there and then getting in there with the thinned PVA and my magic scatter mix.

To quote Chef Ramsay: “Done!”


The size of that thing! It is named “Colossal Skeleton” for a reason. I think it might be a match in size for the recently released Mantic Kings of War Vanguard Giant.



77116: Colossal Skeleton

from the Bones Kickstarter 1

Reaper Miniatures

Sculpted by Jason Wiebe

Made in Bonesium PVC

Base 125x90mm



Painted so far this year:   ( 1 /365 goal)

January: 1

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  1. Great work on him here! This guy is on my own list to finally complete this year. …maybe even this month for the centerpiece challenge if I’m lucky.

  2. He looks great, and I especially like how you changed up his base.

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