I think this might be the last post of the year.

From the Bones 3 kickstarter: An excellent stand-in for a Great Unclean One or Daemon Prince of Nurgle; a not-Froghemoth, that has now been renamed “77581 Mudgullet” and is slated for release by Reaper this January.



I am sure the froghemoth started out as a joke; an amphibious, elephant-sized betentacled toadlike ambush predator abberation with three eyes on a single stalk that bursts out of boggy waters to attack unwary high-level adventurers that happen to be moving through the swamplands.

Somehow, the froghemoth seems to have resonated with players and has become a fan favorite.


It seems somewhat larger than an elephant though. Here shown with a juicy barbarian adventurer lunch for scale.




Big miniatures are best painted with big brush. This one I painted mainly with a 2cm wide flat brush.

After undercoating black, I did the top in old citadel dark angels green and the bottom in Leather Brown. Drybrushing with different shades of lighter green and creamy bones. Breaking open a more than twenty year old round flip-top Citadel Terracotta, I used that for more details, patches, stripes and the back ridges. I further used Flames of War Sicily Yellow for the stripes and back ridges. New Citadel Screamer Pink formed the base for the tongue and mouth internal, mixed with Vallejo Mecha Magenta and white for highlighting in several stages. Washed with Citadel Athonian Camoshade to bring it all together.

The teeth and claws were basecoated with new Citadel Skavenblight Dinge, and mixed with white for highlighting in several stages.

I gave it “innocent blue” human-like eyes, as I think that is much creepier on such a monster than toad or octopus eyes.

The base rocks were painted in my dark greengray/sandy yellow/offwhite style, with round details in screamer pink, Finished off with some Vallejo Earth before applying tufts and my magic flockmix.

Quite a sloppy, rough and ready paint job, but effective nonetheless.


This mini is a good example of how the Bonesium PVC material shines with larger minis, letting them be affordable (or even possible to make). The material holds details on this scale very well, and the rubbery bendyness only serves to make the mini durable as it can take a drop or two. It will not break. (Unless it is dipped in liquid nitrogen first.)




77581: Mudgullet 

Reaper Bones Kickstarter 3

Bonesium PVC

Sculpted by Enos Kline

The included sculpted base is roughly circular, between 10 and 11 cms in diameter.



The Tally of the year:

Finished from the stash: 243

Finished minis in total this year: 369 / 365 (target one for each day on average – TARGET MET!)

(Finished from the Bobby Box: 126  / 126   (+13 / 13 casualties, small animals etc) Just 0 left to do! FINISHED AT LAST!)


January: 59

February: 24

March: 62

April: 34

May: 25

June: 12

July: 0

August: 7

September: 3

Orctober: 29

November: 38

December: 75

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