Bones: The Kobolds

A whole year and almost no Bones painted. How did that happen? There are still so many Bones left to paint and the fourth kickstarter is still on track for delivery around next Easter!

I have had these kobolds ready to paint since I received the first Bones several years ago. They were part of the Vampire base pledge box, in a subset called “Dungeon Attack” with some giant rats and goblins. I painted the rats ages ago and the goblins are…lets call it awaiting paint.


Four sets of three Kobolds, I did each set in a different colour.

Funny how I remember Kobolds as doglike small humanoids from my AD&D days, but it seems they are reptilian dragonlike small humanoids now? What happened there?


Seeing as they are so small, I based them on bespoke 3D-printed 20mm lipped rounds.


And from the Bones II kickstarter, the “matching” Kobold Leaders:


…that are much larger than the others:

so I based these on bespoke 3D-printed 25mm lipped rounds to fit the larger minis.

The Kobold fighter champion had a soft noodle weapon haft that no amount of hot water would straighten out, so I cut it off and replaced it with a part of a paperclip.


Yeah, I went with the Kobolds to fill the quota so to speak. And to clear them off the tray of undercoated minis that the Moria Goblins were on. And I have a lot of such trays, more than 20 on last count. These are in addition to all the little drawers I have from before  …truly, we are at the Mountains of Minis.

I am thinking of challenging myself either to doing an “empty a tray at a time”-challenge next year, or making some sort of random encounter table and roll up what to paint next.

This to make myself do a bit of catch-up on older minis and not only fiddle about with the newest of all the stuff I keep buying.


77010: Kobolds (6) x2


77350: Kobold Leaders (2)

sculpted by Ben Siens

Reaper Bones KS 1 and 2

Bonesium PVC

20mm and 25mm bases


The Tally so far:


Finished from the stash: 241

Finished minis in total this year: 367 / 365 (target one for each day on average – TARGET MET!)

(Finished from the Bobby Box: 126  / 126   (+13 / 13 casualties, small animals etc) Just 0 left to do! FINISHED AT LAST!)


January: 59

February: 24

March: 62

April: 34

May: 25

June: 12

July: 0

August: 7

September: 3

Orctober: 29

November: 38

December: 73



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  1. Nice work! The kobolds are on my to-do list for 2019, and this has provided plenty of inspiration in terms of colour schemes. Also, congrats on meeting your target!

  2. I applaud you for getting them done- and better yet, making them look good!
    I managed to get as far as basing them (all of them? some of them? who can remember?) but they’re such nothing models that I can’t even remember what I did with them. They didn’t get as far as any paint, and as someone who has only played D&D variants very rarely, I was also confused by the whole lizard-dog thing.

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