Sidequest: The Plague. Terrorton!

I happen to have some more Plague models in the Mountains of Minis that I would like to add to the new plague force I have started with the bobbybox minis. I think I will have a sidequest going for a while to get them done along side the bobbybox main quest.


The Plague affects not only humans, but most animals and many alien sentient races.

Such as the hitech DinoTurtle-like Teraton.

The Teraton females are significantly larger than the males, and when infected by the Plague, she grows partially into and partially busting out of her armour, while remaining more or less her normal size.

These 2nd generation Teratons retain most of their intelligence and function as leaders on the field of battle. I like to call them Terrortons.


Because they are bloody terrifying and weigh a ton!

While at the same time being well ‘ard and quite imposing on the battlefield. They are about the same size as a 1st gen, but not quite as powerful. They are good as secondary leaders and can provide some hard muscle in smaller games where the 1st gen is too costly to bring.


The Terrorton is made in restic and I have mounted it on a 50mm base, like the 1st gen.


The Tally so far:

Finished from the Bobby Box: 54  / 126   (+5 / 12 casualties, small animals etc)

Just 72 left to do!

Finished from the stash: 5

Finished minis in total this year: 59 / 365 (target one for each day on average)



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