Bobbybox, pt V: The Plague

The Plague.  A virus-like alien condition that invades and takes charge of an unsuspecting host, causing growth to parts of the body, thereby changing said host to make it much stronger than before.

The earlier one gets infected, the more alien and changed one becomes. The first and second generation are massive hulking beasts with sharp claws and hard exo-skeletons and no wish to use tools of any sort. The 3rd generation -those infected by 2nd generation victims- are the most human, and retain a certain degree of their memories and skills from before they were infected. They can use advanced tools and weapons and even pilot vehicles. These make the Plague a spacefaring species. And therefore a very high danger to the galaxy as a whole.


I have finished the rest of the plague minis from the bobbybox.

“But Wait!” I hear you say. “There are two plague swarms in the picture, I thought you only got one such swarm in the bobbybox?”

Correct. I added one from my stash as I thought what would be better than to use this opportunity to bring some love to my collection of unpainted minis?

So now there are two plague swarms.


This must be the singlemost gribbly mini I have come across.

A furious pack of horrible nightmarish animals such as giant millipedes, slugs and rats all rolled up into a ball of snapping pincers and rending claws! Rushing around with one powerful determination to spread the disease and defeat the enemy of the Plague. Gribbly!

The one on the left is the original, built in the manner Mantic intended. The one on the right is from the bobbybox. I intentionally built it a little differently because it does gets boring with identical minis.

I based them both on a 40mm 3d-printed base and stuffed some tufts in here and there to make it look like they are coming though the undergrowth.



The mortar team. I chose to base the mortar and the obligatory pointing guy on the same base, but keep the loader as a seperate piece, so the team can be used for different games.


The 3rd gens typically have distended upper bodies with a shrunken pinhead sticking 90 degrees out on an elongated neck from between the shoulders.




Two sets of three identical models with slightly different poses thanks to the hot water trick.



The skin on these is done in the same way as the dogs; different skintones, mostly browns and beiges, slathered in Citadel Druuchi Violet and Carroburg Crimson washes, then lightly drybrushed with skintones.  Apart from that, my thinking is that the victims are not composed of a cohesive force, but rather a semi-random assortment of unlucky individuals that got in the way of the plague vector.

Such as Guile, the Street Fighter:


Seriously. How could a guy with this profile not be painted as Guile?


Apart from the Plague,


we have Esteban Ramires from Mars Attacks!:

This dude looks so much better IRL than when magnified in these pics. Sigh.


and the first of the Kings of War Lower Abyssals:


Painted in classic Doom Imp Brown with white horns and spikes.

I think this paint scheme works well. Quite quick to do as well.



So here is a conundrum: I have basecoated the entire elven population in this metallic blue, which seemed as a good idea at the time. I need a paintscheme that is super quick and with as little going back to fix everything as possible on each mini. There are 30 of them plus casualties.

I am thinking the bowmen will be “The Golden Bows” and the spearmen will be “The Silver Spears” to differentiate them by colour.

I have given each of them a very dry drybrush in gold and silver, respectively, and painted the weapon and shield in same.

The question is: Where to go from here?


The Tally so far:

Finished from the Bobby Box: 22  / 126   (+1 / 12 casualties, small animals etc)

Finished from the stash: 1

Finished minis in total this year: 23 / 365 (target one for each day on average)

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