Flaming Cows!

One of the more interesting items from the Mars Attacks! kickstarter is the burning cattle token that got upgraded to a mini.

“Burning cattle” as in a herd of stampeding cows on fire. Yes, on fire as if they were hit with a heat ray, setting the subcuteous fat alight. Oh those Martians are utterly evil. Moo!

This is yet another baseless mini that I made a bespoke one for on my 3Dprinter.


“Herd” in this instance being the massive number of three.

At least it seems my fire painting is coming along nicely.

Now I want some barbeque!


 Burning Cattle

a 3D token from Mars Attacks! the miniatures game

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

60x35mm oval 3D-printed base.


Painted so far this month: 18  / 31.  13 to go!

Painted so far this year: 82 / 365. Just 283 to go!



No animals were harmed in the painting of this mini.


Mars Attacks!: It’s a-Me, Mario!

After painting the Agarix mushroom men recently, I have been thinking which minis I have that might fit a Mario-theme.


There are some…and will be revealed as I get to painting them.

Starting with: What Mario-themed set of minis would be complete without the Plumber himself?

161119-mantic-mars-attacks-joe-the-mechanic-mario 161119-mantic-mars-attacks-joe-the-mechanic-mario-back

This used to be Joe the Mechanic from Mars Attacks!

Now he is Mario.


Joe the Mechanic

Mars Attacks! the Miniatures Game



25mm integral base


Minivember tally: 22

Painted so far this month: 31

Painted so far this year: 355


Mars Attacks!: a boy and his dog-thing

After I moved house last year, a whole lot of  prepped and ready to go minis have been stashed away in my drawers of more recent minis. Several kickstarters worth plus change actually…

So, being as flighty as I am, I have picked some that took my fancy for painting this minivember.

We start with a boy and his dog(thing):


These are from the Mars Attacks! kickstarter. A civilian juvenile boy and the Martian Scientists latest experiment, Wrex. I thought they make a lovely pair.

The Mars Attacks! humans double as contemporary zombie-apocalypse  survivors, which is a setting I have not done anything for …yet.

The minis are a bit soft detailed (and being Mantic truescale, have teeny tiny eyes which are really difficult to paint right.) And shallow detailing throughout. Soft and shallow is not a good combination, so I will keep it simple.


161119-mantic-mars-attacks-civilian-boy-front 161119-mantic-mars-attacks-civilian-boy

161119-mantic-mars-attacks-wrex-front 161119-mantic-mars-attacks-wrex-other-froint


Civilian Boy and Wrex

Mars Attacks! the Miniatures Game KS


a softish PVC very similar to the more rigid Bones.

25mm integral bases


Minivember tally: 21

Painted so far this month: 30

Painted so far this year: 354


Ack Ack Ack Ack (again)

Finished a second squad of the Mars Attacks! Martian Grunts.


150918 martian grunts squad

Some of the helmets are a bit wonky in the picture, as they are not glued down yet. I use thinned PVA for this, because it sets transparent, and can be removed with ease if the need arises.


Martian Grunts

Mars Attacks! the miniatures game

Mantic Entertainment

PVC (that is rather similar to the more rigid bonesium from Bones 2 KS)

25mm integral bases.


Painted so far this month: 32

Painted so far this year: 224



Fixing the little Mars Attacks! mixup, and more Zombies.

A few weeks ago I painted a squad of 10 Mars Attacks! Martian Grunts. Or so I thought. Turned out 7 of them were Martian Marines, and not Grunts at all. (In my defense, they are very similar, with the difference being that Marines have shoulder pads.

So I have at last finished the remaining troopers to complete both squads:

150620 Mars Attacks Grunts a7

7 Mars Attacks! Martian Grunts

150620 Mars Attacks marines b3

and the 3 remaining Marines. I have done the shoulder pads in yellow to make it easier to differentiate them from grunts in play, I have also redone the 7 previously finished Marines’ pads to match.

If the helmets seem a bit wonky in the pics , it is because I just popped them on for the photo. They are not glued in place yet, and might be a bit off centre.

When I paint I usually end up with several blobs of unused paint left on my palette. And I hate wastage.

I find that Zombies are great for this, as they can take most colours in their stride (especially as base coats), and a squad does not have to be uniform (sic!) Also mixing paints is fun and educational. It teaches you some colour theory without all the boring words.

150620 space hurps 5

These two resulted from the last sessions leftover paint. So far that makes 33 of the Space Hurps Positive done.

150620 brimstone hungry dead

and last but not least, 3 Hungry Dead from Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death. So thats 4 of those done, twice as many left to go. These are the worst of the SoB-minis, being quite soft in the details.

Minis completed so far this month: 18

Mars Attacks!

For March I am still doing squads,

150322 mars attacks grunts squad

this one is from Mars Attacks, a squad of Martian grunts. 9 new ones, 1 finished previously.

I have not bothered with slicing off the mould lines on these. The results are actually acceptable anyhow.

25 mm integral bases. Softish PVC material.


Bonus round 5!

150322 dz freya 1150322 dz freya bak

Deadzone Mercenary: Freya, a  Forge Father (or is it supposed to be Forge Mother when they are female? That is a can of worms Mantic did not think of when they named their space dwarfs race!)

25mm base, restic

Bonus Round 6 and 7:

150322 dbx robot striker 150322 dbx robot guard

DreadBall Xtreme Free Agents: the two Jetari Training Robots, one a Striker and the other a Guard.

Hexbase, restic