Into the Silver Tower: The Kairic Acolytes

I had a spurt of painting the minis from Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower boardgame some months ago, but many miniatures have been languishing unpainted. I thought it time to take up a bit of the slack, as it were.

First up is the coven of Kairic Acolytes. These are the Chanters of Change, cultits of the Chaos God Tzeentch.

I made them red and white instead of the “official” blue.

They come as two each of four different sculpts.






I actually managed to lose one of the shields whilst prepping them, it just flipped out of my hands, escaped into infinity and dissappeared. Just …gone. Nowhere to be found. Probably kidnapped.

Luckily I have a particular set of skills… I replaced it with a shield from a squad of Tzaangors, to the left. The original shield to the right.

I really like these minis. Full of movement and character.

They use based on 32mm bases.

As an aside, these Kairic miniatures are what the Kaymayuk Warriors from Drake: the Dragon Wargame should have been like. The actual minis that were delivered by Drake were just so dissappointing, not like the previews in the KS campaign at all.


Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower boardgame is made by Games Workshop, the minis are also usable for Age of Sigmar.



Painted miniatures so far this month: 11 / 31

Painted miniatures so far this year: 302 / 365 -just 63 to go!

Painted Terrain pieces and bits so far this year: 74



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