Bones: Dungeon Decor, Cthulhu Statues and more

Just finishing off some more bits and bobs cluttering up my workspace, making room for all the goodness to come…


From Bones 3: Mythos Expansion:


77525 Great Obelisk.

I have tried to vary the tones on the greys used here, on the obelisk itself and not just the cephalopod on top. It really does not show up too well in the pictures.



77523 Cthulhu Shrine

A statue that causes sanity loss. As above, I trued to vary the tones,mostly with different coloured glazes. And they do not really show up in the pictures here either.



This does not seem to have a code nor a name (yet). It is also from the Bones 3 Mythos Expansion.

I will call it the Cultists Altar.


Next up, some Bones 1 stuff:


77136 Well of Chaos




77137: Sarcophagus



77139 Altar of Evil

These three pieces have been sitting around in a box for ages, I rediscovered them the other day and decided to just have at them. They really did not take more than a few minutes plus drying time each.

The well was filled with a drop of blue and a drop of unshaken green (=blotchy and stripey as the pigments had seperated alittle) vallejo paint.

Just one drop directly from the dropper bottles into the well each, a very gentle stir and leave to dry.

A little touch up aprond the edges and hey presto! I am pretty chuffed with the result.


Also I found these:

77126: Vermin Spiders

The paint job was rushed. Not very pretty but serviceable. 30mm bases.

Moving on.


Bits from Conan the Boardgame next:

The Sarcophagus


The 10 treasure chests, five each of two different styles.


And I finished this one as well.


The Others. 7 Sins: Wrath Controller

Sorry about the blur. It did not want to be photographed this one. He was shaking with repressed fury.

25mm integral base


Painted so far this month: 6 / 30

Painted miniatures so far this year: 275 / 365 -just 90 to go!

Painted Terrain pieces and bits so far this year: 68


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