From Ye Pile of Olde: RAFM Earth Elemental

Every so often I go down into the musty cellar to go snorkeling in the old boxes o’ minis just to rediscover some of the many minis I have forgotten I own.

And every time I resurface with a few interesting minis that go into my “need to prep” pile.

Some months later, I might even get around to putting paint to it…



This is one of the ancient rock-hard yellowish alloy RAFM minis from the end of the 90s. I think it was supposed to have a summoner like a mage or a druid that was to stand right in front in a “alcove” in the base. The summoner mini is lost to time. And now the alcove has dissappeared in the round base I mounted it on.


Earth Elemental

RAFM miniatures


50mm base


Painted so far this month: 15 / 31

Painted miniatures so far this year: 261 / 365 -just 104 to go!

Painted Dungeon Furniture (just don’t google that phrase): 26

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