The Cultists of the Kraken Lord

Late last year, Midlam Miniatures ran a Kickstarter for “The Cultists of the Kraken Lord”, consisting of 10 betentacled, becloaked and bedraggled figures of different aspect, all with a face full of Chtulhuesqe tentacles.

And as I am a sucker for tentacles, naturally I just had to have them!

One and a half quick and dirty paint sessions later, we have the core of the cult ready for action:



Kroll the High Priest upon the Kraken Throne


Kronos the Elder


Kantos the Patient


Khaotik the Warped


Kralk the Abominable


Kall the Summoner


Kreed the Learned


Kreel the Guardian


K’thaan the Assassin


Kalthor the Vigilant


Just got the urge to knock ’em out without too much faffing about. The cloaks are mainly done with Citadel Ahtonian Camoshade Ink over light grey basecoat, followed by some ancient Citadel Ash Waste Grey on top. I chose to keep the cloaks the same colour to unify them as a group or unit.

I see I have taken the photos before finishing the bases, they all need a second coat of black on the rims.

I would like to take the time here to say that I have been in on two of the Midlam kickstarters now, and both have been great experiences with clear communications, good crisp casts and delivered on time!

A+, would pledge again.


The Cultists of the Kraken Lord

from the KS by the same name

Midlam Miniatures


30mm lipped bases, the throne is on a 40mm base.


Painted so far this month: 11 / 31

Painted miniatures so far this year: 256 / 365 -just 109 to go!

Painted Dungeon Furniture (just don’t google that phrase): 5

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  1. Great work, you are officially the cephalopod king!

  2. I should like to buy this collection. I talk from Brazil.

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