Dark Vengeance: Chaos Marine with Lightning Claws

Every few months I get the itch for some Chaos Marines. Good thing I have the minis from Dark Vengeance set lying about to scratch with.

170115-dark-vengeance-chaos-marine-lightning-claws 170115-dark-vengeance-chaos-marine-lightning-claws-back

Here is the third one of the squad I have completed. They take ages to do, with all the busy details, so the squad will probably be finished sometime in 2025 or so.

Seeing as this is from the first version of Dark Vengeance, is only have the 25mm bases for them.


Chaos Marine with Lightning Claws

Warhammer 40.000: Dark Vengeance box set, Chaos faction

Games Workshop

HIPS plastic

25mm base



Painted so far this month: 10

Painted so far this year: 10

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