Circle of Chaos: Ajjatahr the Corrupted Dryad

Circle of Chaos was a small kickstarter by a group of sculptors who each contributed one or two sculpts. The idead was (obviously) to create a small old school Warhammer Realms of Chaos warband with mutations and all. I loved the concept and the seven varied individuals that make up the warband. I deeply regret not forking out for the big Rhino-centaur thing as well.

Oh well, I have started work on several of them, here is the first of these magnificent seven to be finished:



Some sort of corrupted, chaos or just plain evil man-sized treeman or dryad (not sure what they were called back then, or even now.) I opted to not go for the “Snow White Black Forest” look and rather indicate the foulness of this evil Groot with a strong, reddish glow around the black eyes and the toothy, leering smirk.



“The Circle of Chaos oldhammer warband” KS

run by Curtis Fell (the man behind Ramshackle Games), 2016


30mm base



Painted so far this month: 20

Painted so far this year: 291

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