Warhammer Quest: The Little Green Men

I have been rummaging a bit through my boxes of yesteryear, looking for specific minis to sell. Always a bit of fun that, rediscovering minis I have forgotten I had, especially when they are primed and ready to paint. The other day I found a bag full of the dungeon critters from Warhammer Quest…

I have been eyeing up some orcs and some goblins lately, and today I felt like trying out some different greenish skintones…Always a good thing to have some prepped minis lying about when that itch comes a’knocking.

160828 WQ snotlings group

Useful stuff, little evil smufs ready to swarm the heroes and nickle and dime them to death. 12 of the little blighters present and complete.

(actually I had 11 in the bag, and had to harvest one off a sprue I had lying about elsewhere. I built a Nurgle Chaos Marines army converted with skaven parts at one point and raided several such sprues for the little rats, leaving a bunch of sprues in a semi plucked state.

Expect spiders, rats and/ or bats in the near future…



from the Warhammer Quest game set

Games Workshop, from 1995

HIPS polystyrene

20mm bases


Painted so far this month: 26

Pained so far thie year: 259

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