More Heroes for Dungeon Saga

Barreling onwards through the Dungeons Saga Heroes:

160313 mantic dungeon saga Kaopka gladewalker druid treeman
Kapoka the Gladewalker Druid


160313 mantic dungeon saga Hrrath Salamander Fighter
Hrrst the Salamander Fighter


160313 mantic dungeon saga Hordin Dwarf barkeep and Gnasher
Hordin the Dwarf Barkeep and Gnasher his Throwing Mastiff. (Kickstarter Exclusive)


160313 mantic dungeon saga Ibrahim human paladin
Ibrahim the Human Paladin


I just couldn’t  get Hrrst’s sword straight! So I clipped that flimsy banana off and replaced it with a sword from the Kings of War Salamanders sprue. The new sword is of the same organic design, but a bit thicker and a good substitute.

And it would seem that the Paladin is microcephalic, and has a weird looking sword and a winged shield that says “hook me to break my arm”. I don’t think I really like this ones’ art direction.

Not much more to say about these, really.

Two more heroes, the kickstarter exclusive resin not-Drizzt and ditto Tyrant King Blaine, to go.


Heroes from Dungeon Saga

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 16

Painted so far this year: 118

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