Bael the Undead Demon

From the Return of Valandor expansion to Dungeon Saga:


160313 mantic dungeon saga bael undead demon 2 160313 mantic dungeon saga bael undead demon

Bael, the Undead Demon

In the story, this ancient and utterly  evil demon has been raised in undeath by the Necromancer. The angelic Valandor, a legendary hero who once long ago fought this demon, appears to accompany the Heroes in a bid to banish this undead demon once and for all, saving the known world from some unthinkable fate. Or maybe not. I must confess to not actually having read the fluff yet…but I would wager a pretty penny the story goes along those lines. Maybe the heroes need to awaken Valandor for the boss fight against Bael at some point during the adventure. Valandor being a giant of a man, looking suspiciously like a wingless Basilean Elohi.

At any rate, I like this mini. Bael is a good model to use as a Daemon Prince or even some undead monster.


Bael the Undead Demon

Dungeon Saga: Return of Valandor expansion

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

50mm base


Painted so far this month: 17

Painted so far this year: 119

(day 73 of the year, increasing the lead on the target 366 for the year)

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