Valandor, not-Drizzt and the necromancer

The kickstarter exclusive resin Hero:

160318 mantic dungeon saga keldan elf fighter

Keldan the Elf FIghter. Not Drizzt at all. No, siree!

For some reason I did not get a proper Dungeon Saga base for this mini. I used instead a 25mm mantic base with an old Norwegian coin in the hole. This mini proves that Mantic could make high end minis if they chose to do so. (another thing to note, this elf stands a full head taller than Madriga and the other heroes, even taller than the barbarian. So Mantic certainly have some issues with scale. This one is so much more everything than Mantics older, rather weedy and thin elves. If all their elves had this stature, I think most of the criticism and hate towards them would go away.


160318 mantic dungeon saga mortibris the necromancer

Mortibris the Necromancer

This one reminds me of Denethor (the steward of Gondor, father of Boromir and Faramir). Must be the hair.


and the hero’s hero:

160318 mantic dungeon saga valandor

Valandor the MIghty Hero of Ages Past


Boy did that spear arrive as a S-shaped noodle! Straightened out a charm in hot water and a gentle pulling when dunking in the cold water.

I went with green for this one, as Silver and Blue is over done. The cloak is paint Reaper Maggot White, a very whiteish green, but only looks white in the picture. Now he is ready to take on the red demon.


Dungeon Saga base game and Return of Valandor expansion


Rigid PVC and Keldan is in Resin

25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 20

Painted so far this year: 122

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