…and the Saga continues.

Barreling through the other Dungeon Saga heroes:


160309 mantic dungeon saga Ally halfling thief
Ally the Halfling Thief
160309 mantic dungeon saga Arianya naiad demon hunter
Arianya the Naiad Demon Hunter


160309 mantic dungeon saga Venetia Human cleric
Venetia the Human Cleric


160309 mantic dungeon saga Logan halfling fighter
Logan the Halfling Fighter (The Imp!)


and getting started with the undead:


160309 mantic dungeon saga Elshara
Elshara the Banshee


160309 mantic dungeon saga skeletons with scythes x3
The Grim Reapers aka Skeleton Warriors

A very obvious homage to HeroQuest are the Skeletons with Scythes.


Assortet minis from Dungeon Saga

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 12

Painted so far this year: 114


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