Too much Borderlands, not enough painting…

Shooting and looting on the moon of Elpis seriously eats up what little time I have. Not much done these last few weeks.

141126 flesh demon 141126 flesh demon1 141126 flesh demon2

The Human Centipede can go home. This is the definition of “Body Horror”.

Hell Dorado Flesh Demon. Hell Dorado certainly has some great and disturbing minis. 50mm base.

Also good as a Spawn of Chaos in those other games.


141126 banshee 1 141126 banshee 2

An old Citadel Warhammer Banshee. Trying out a way to make the mini look “ethereal” here. It does have a slightly more greenish tinge IRL. Not sure it actually works though. I will try a different approach with the other one. 30mm base.

141126 lesser obsidian golem 2a 141126 lesser obsidian golem 3a

The other two Lesser Obsidian Golems from Mantic’s Abyssal Dwarf range. That completes the unit of three. These are really quick to do. 50mm bases.


This is my first go at 15mm miniatures, a stand of “US Doughboys” from the game All Quiet on the Martian Front.

141126 doughboys test 141126 doughboys test1

These are your basic human infantry from the second martian invasion of Earth, ca. 1910 AD. And I have ALOT of these waiting to be painted, so I try to keep them simple. 15mm is pretty straight forward like that.

and something easy-peasy at the end, just to get it off the “to be painted”-shelves:

141126 sandbag walls

Resin scenery from the old VOID 28mm Sci-Fi game. A tight little set of sandbag walls, can be used in most settings.

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