Flock of Gargoyles

From the clear-some-of-that-crap-off-the-shelf department:   15 Mantic Gargoyles. One group of 10, and another group of 5 that matches the 5 I did last year.  I got 5 Gargoyles as a freebie from the first Kings of War Kickstarter, and it turns out later that unit sizes are 10. And only 10. These other minis […]

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And thems’ Good Drybrushin’!

Time for a couple of quickly drybrushed big’uns! These are great for easy drybrushing! Excellent detail and sculpting.   Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Lesser Obsidian Golem #1 of 3. from the Kings of War Kickstarter. 50mm base. A heap of rock come alive.     Reaper Bones 77112: Agramon, Pit Fiend From the Bones 1 kickstarter. […]

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