April III

I have been spending my evenings watching movies with my offspring this last week, so I have not gotten all that much painting done. These are mostly quick paint jobs for a couple of RCL entries.

One of the Townsfolk from the add-on by the same name in Bones 5.
Bones Black PVC
25mm base

44114 Isobael the Bards Dog
Sculpted by Gene Van Horne
Bones Black hard PVC
25mm base
Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern-schplenden-schlitter-crasscrenbon-fried-digger-dingle-dangle-dongle-dungle-burstein-von-knacker-thrasher-apple-banger-horowitz-ticolensic-grander-knotty-spelltinkle-grandlich-grumblemeyer-spelterwasser-kurstlich-himbleeisen-bahnwagen-gutenabend-bitte-ein-nürnburger-bratwustle-gerspurten-mitzweimache-luber-hundsfut-gumberaber-shönendanker-kalbsfleisch-mittler-aucher von Hautkopft of Ulm, or Mutt for short.

The Dire Cabbage from the Bones 5 core set. This was a social strech goal, based on a repeated joke request made by several backers. Turns out the model is quite popular.
I wonder if it ever will see a retail release?

Bones Black PVC
The integral base is roughly 30x25mm

Lord of Pestilence with Shield

Avatars of War
Sculpted by Felix Paniagua
30mm base

This one is yet another random mini from a bulk purchase off a trade forum or maybe ebay several years ago, and that has been lying around in one of my storage trays ever since. The Avatars of War website states that “This figure was released on 2014 and was only available for a couple of weeks. If you missed it then, now’s your chance to get it. Available only for a limited time!
I wonder how long that availablity has been already. Probably longer than the lifetime of most models…

77282 Vampire

Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
From the Bones 2 optional add on “Lords of Darkness”

Bones classic white rubbery PVC

30mm base

I used these models together with the Summoning Circle from Oathsworn Miniatures for the RCL second quarter “Mod’s Choice: Gothic Ritual” scene. I also wrote an accompanying drabble.

Ever since he got given that love bite, the Count Anton von Ulm had lost his appetite.
Once a reknowned gourmet, patron of every good kitchen in the realm. Now, in undeath, the only thing he could stand was blood. Anything else that crossed his palate made him ill.
So he suffered. For three centuries now, cowering from the light of day, hiding in shadows of his ancestral halls, coming out at night to prey on the living.
More than anything, he wanted, nay, craved… vegetables.
This was his last, best hope. The forbidden ritual to summon the Blood Cabbage.

That green one is a Wormtongue, as far as I am concerned.

These two are also from the Townsfolk add-on by the same name in Bones 5.
The set if full of nicely sculpted different civilians, with non-action poses. They are lovely, but I really wish the whole set of 20 minis had been slightly larger in scale to fit with most of the other minis Reaper makes these days. They are all just a tad too small. Argh!
Bones Black PVC
25mm bases

I have been trying out some of the new Army Painter “Speed Paints”, which are similar to Citadel Contrast Paints.
But better, at least the ones I have tried already.
Also, the speedpaints are not shiny.

Total painted so far this year: 170 / 365. Just 195 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2
April: 25

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