A Witch, her Minions and the Hand of Slight Regard

I had a bit of a rummage in the old storage trays the other day, and rediscovered some more of the Uncle Mike’s Worldwide resin minis from the first edition of Strange Aeons, the Cthulhu-inspired miniatures skirmish game, originally released in 2009. They ran a kickstarter for second edition of the game in 2014. I got a few of the minis from a trade forum purchase some years ago.

The first edition range of minis seems to be out of print, but they are still operating their website, where they offer just a few minis in the form of boxed sets.

The resin the minis are made of is stark white and is very lightweight. Several of the minis have prominent mould lines. I have had to carve a bit on this witch, but the mould (it’s really more of a mould slippage than just a mould line) fault is still evident.

This is one of the four witches from the Witch Coven

25mm base

and the three minions or familiars, also on 25mm bases.

Body of rat, head of man. Tails hidden in the undergrowth.

So the question arises: are these minions the remnants of lovers, or of enemies?

The Hand of Slight Regard spell effect

This is a Bones 5 add on miniature, officially titled the “Hand of Disapproval

I like to think of it as the Hand of Slight Regard, or the Hand of Contempt.

In the Bones 5 kickstarter, Reaper had made a series of floating giant hand models, inspired by the famous Dungeon & Dragons spell Bigby’s Hand

Being digitally modelled, it was easy for them to make variants..so they did this for a laugh, and offered it as a seperate add on. The three other variants were in the core set.
They are all cast in clear translucent PVC and therefore wonderful (and easy) to tint with some inks.

50mm integral base

Total painted so far this year: 150 / 365. Just 215 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2
April: 5

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