June round up

Some more pictures of everything I painted in June.

Mossbeard and the AT-ST soon to be nicknamed “Golfball”. More pictures to be found in an earlier post.
Scibor Miniatures Treeman #2. Again, more pictures are to be found in an earlier post.

77627 The Shipwreck Revenant

From the Bones 3 kickstarter “Titans of the Tide” add-on
Sculpted by Jason Wiebe
Bones 3 classic PVC
105x70mm base 3D printed
available from reapermini.com

The Wakka Wakka Wakka diorama is a scene built with 3Dprinted walls by Printable Scenery, loose black gravel “coal ballast” and white expanded polystyrene balls.
When I assembled the scene and took the picture the minis had black painted bases. I finished the bases for each mini after the picture.

44044 Dark Watcher
from the Bones 4 Darkreach expansion
Sculpted by Chris Lewis
Reaper Bones Black PVC
40mm base

03920 Shadowgaunt

Reaper Dark Heaven
Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
25mm base

Ghosts of Midlam Manor:
Ghost #2 Tobias Marley
Ghost #7 Phantasmina
Ghost #1 Wailing Susie

Midlam Miniatures
from the Ghosts of Midlam Manor kickstarter
Sculpted by Martin Baker
30mm bases

Bruenor Battlehammer vs Dinin Do-Urden diorama made for the RCL Page-O-Rama
scene from The Legacy (The Legend of Drizzt book 7) by R.A. Salvatore

The diorama was assembled for the picture much like the Wakka Wakka one. This time I used a loose large base I had printed and painted glossy black. I placed the 77398 Dungeon Decor Stalagmites (that were painted sometime in the distant past) towards the back of the base. I made a wad of sticky tape and placed the drider on it, pushing down to get the correct angle and orientation. Then Bruenor followed by the whole bag of black gravel “coal ballast”. A small bit of fixing and brushing lumps of gravel into place and voila.

77478 King Axehelm of Kragmarr

From the Bones 3 core set, Dwarves subset.

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson

Bones Classic PVC

25mm base

conversion to make this Bruenor Battlehammer: one horn cut off, emblem shaved off the shield, and axe swapped. The new axe came from one of the legendary Bones 3 weapon sprues.
A difference from actual Bruenor is that there should have been a foaming beer mug-emblem on the shield. I simply could not be arsed to free-hand it.
Apart from that this mini is a very good representation of Bruenor.

77181 Arachnid Warrior

Sculpted by Gene van Horne
Bones 1 classic PVC
50mm base 3D printed
available from reapermini.com
Conversion to make this Dinin: I swapped his sword for an axe from a sprue of Mantic undead revenants.
Differences: This one has a shield and I did not have an arm that would fit, Dinin fights with twin axes. Also the spider-part of him should be significantly larger, as he is described as being very large.

This mini is originally from the first Bones kickstarter, but I did not get that add-on at that time.
The spider-legs in the rubbery Bones 1 classic material wanted to splay out something fierce even after using hot water to reposition them, so I glued them to the inside of the rim of this base to keep the legs upright and the abdomen off the ground.
I should have put some filler in the hollow of the base, it does look a bit wierd, doesn’t it?

The heavy conversion

80023 Horace “Action” Jackson converted to be Tiger Jackson of Tekken fame.
Tiger is a 70s disco- or blaxploitation-styled alternate skin for Eddie Gordo, the capoeira fighter.

80023 Horace “Action” Jackson
Bones 1 core set, Zombie Hunters subset
Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
Bones classic
30mm base

77141 Oswald the Overladen

from the Bones 1 core set, Townsfolk II subset
Bones 1 classic PVC
Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
25mm base
I based this one somewhat on Patsy of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

77224 Rogan, Half-Orc Rogue

From the Bones 2 core set, Heroes subset
Sculpted by Tre Manor
Bones classic PVC
35x25mm base.
This mini had such a wide stance and a 40mm base looked off. So I gave it an oval base. One of the very few sideways oval bases I feel ok with.

77386 Andriessa, Female Wizard

From the Bones 2 Dragons Don’t Share add-on

Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi

Bones classic PVC

30mm base

02126 Arachno-Assassin
Reaper Dark Heaven Legends
Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
30mm base

The metal model originally comes with all the blades pointing more or less straight up, but they are easy to reposition by simple bending, but the wrists are a bit delicate.
I have this same model from yesteryear and yes, the same wrist broke off at the same point on both models.

77939 Dire Lion as Battlecat
Bones 4 “Hill Giant Hunter and Dire Lion” add on
Sculpted by Jason Wiebe
Bones classic PVC, but the better stuff.
75x40mm base

77636 Death Shroud
from the Bones 3 Graveskull expansion
Sculpted by Julie Guthrie
Bones classic but the better stuff
30mm base

77975 Charon, Lord of the Styx
From the Bones 4 Stygian Barge Expansion
Sculpted by Chris Lewis
Bones classic
30mm base

Liche King bust

by Tytan Troll Miniatures

3D printed in water-washable resin on my Elegoo Mars pro

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  110 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 6)

January: 38 // 5
February: 20
March: 11 / 1
April: 8
May: 13
June: 20

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