Reaper Challenge League 2021 Edition: June

Months of working too much, then suddenly school’s out and the work-to-free-time ratio is inverted. The strange thing is that it actually takes time to get used to it. Idle hands and all that.

So anyway, I have completed all the challenges for June, the second quarter, and the single bi-annual page-o-rama challenge. So long as my collaboration partners in the 4+ group get their stuff done and posten in time (the deadline is tomorrow) that will be a clean sweep of everything up until now.

I still find the RCL to be a fun way to select minis to paint, and it manages to keep the motivation up. However, it also makes me paint mainly Reaper minis (what a strange coincidence that is), and some of them are decidely rush jobs.

Going forward, I *just might* be toning down the RCL participation a little, especially if I get the inspiration to paint something not Reaper-related in stead.
…he said, knowing full well that the Bones 5 kickstarter delivery starts end of July…so when that arrives sometime this autumn, there will be more new Bones lying around than ever before.

An aside that might illustrate what I am getting at: The third edition Age of Sigmar box is soon to launch. I still have the first and second edition minis prepped and ready to paint…and the Warcry factions, the Indomitus, the new Warhammer underworlds warbands, not to mention Star Saga, Shadows of Brimstone, Forbidden Fortress, etc etc etc…and those minis I just 3D printed. Kickstarters I had forgotten I had backed turn up every so often as well…Altar Quest? Limbo? Chronicle X? League of Infamy? Solomon Kane? The list goes on.

But enough rambling.

June Player Character

77224 Rogan, Half Orc Rogue

June Monster:

02126 Arachno-Assassin

June Theme: Companion

77939 Dire Lion as Battlecat

June New Release

77975 Charon, Lord of the Styx

June limited palette (choose any three colours)

77636 Death Shroud

June Freebie

Scibor Miniatures: Treeman #2

June Duo with @manvsmini

77141 Oswald the Overladen

June Trio with @Inarah and @TheUncannyAK

77386 Andriessa, Female Wizard

Quarterlies done in June:

Q2 Diorama:

Wakka Wakka Wakka
Reaper Bones Black 44044 Dark Watcher as Pac Man
Reaper Metal 03920 Shadowgaunt as Pinky
Midlam Miniatures’ metal “Ghosts of Midlam Manor” x 3 as Inky, Blinky, and Clyde -the latter pair in edible mode.
3D printed walls designed by Printable Scenery

Q2 Large Group (4+ people)
Theme “The Deathly Shallows”

77627 Shipwreck revenant

Q2 Heavy Mod/ Conversion

80023 Horace “Action” Jackson converted to be Tiger Jackson of Tekken fame.
Tiger is a 70s disco- or blaxploitation-styled alternate skin for Eddie Gordo, the capoeira fighter.

Q2 Seasonal Themed

(unknown SKU) Mossbeard with a micro machines AT-ST for May the 4th Star Wars Day.
I call this piece “Fore” or “Knockin’ Wood“.
There should have had a pair of 2mm teddy bears riding it. or a tree-house village.

Q2 Bust

Tytan Troll (3D printed) Liche Bust.

And at last,

the Bi-Annual Page-O-Rama

Which is a diorama-style scene from a book (or movie)

Bruenor Battlehammer vs Dinin Do-Urden

The Legacy (The Legend of Drizzt book 7),
by R.A. Salvatore

Minis are: 77478 King Axehelm of Kragmarr, 77181 Arachnid Warrior, both with weapon swaps, and 77398 Dungeon Decor Stalagmites

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