Shadows of Brimstone: Dark Stone Hydra

School’s out and I have some more time on my hands. Mostly spent redecorating here and there in the house. I have also started playing Outer Worlds. A computer RPG that is very similar to Fallout 3/Skyrim, made by the same company that made Fallout: New Vegas. I quite like it, although like most RPGs it tends to get rather samey afte a while: Go on a fetch quest, defeat a group of samey enemies, robots or wild beasts on the way and pick up all the stuff you find, sell most of it at a vendor. Use some of said stuff to upgrade and/or repair your stuff. Go on yet another fetch quest, defeant another random group of samey enemies, robots or wild beasts on the way. Clear out the marauders from some building far out in the wilderness…find the macguffin, and take all the stuff and sell at a vendor… choose which faction to give the macguffin to, as this has *great consequences* for the story line…you know the drill.

It is a bit of a time sink.

But today we present the Dark Stone Hydra, from the Shadows of Brimstone game. I think it is one of the last items from the wave 1.5 shipment I have to paint, but I might be wrong. Not that it matters. There are still a great deal of minis from wave 2 left anyway…

The photos contain evidence of some really crudely applied object source lighting. It really does not look as chalky or slapped on when viewed on the table.

Dark Stone is commonly depicted as purple. I thought it would be cool if it instead glowed bluish-white much like the alien crystals in The Expanse.


The snake bits were painted brown on top with a sandy yellow belly, then diagonal cross patterns in very dark black grey ws painted on the top. A quick wash with strong quicktone ink and a drybrush with sandy beige later, the dark stone bits and eyes were painted turquoise,followed by a sloppy magic blue wet drybrush around all the darkstone, mix with a lot of white and much dryer drybryush on the same areas, this time also marking bits of the snake that the tail crystals would shine on. Two successive layers of very light blue and some pure white at the very tips later, done.

Shoot the tail! Shoot the tail!


Dark Stone Hydra, from the XL-sized Enemy Pack of the same name

For the Shadows of Brimstone board game

by Flying Frog Productions

HIPS polystyrene plastic

60mm base


Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  158 /365 goal // scenery and terrain: 11)

January: 32

Feburary: 19

March: 45 / 10

April: 41 // 1

May: 9

June: 13


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  1. Nice work! The glow really looks good in the pics. 🙂

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