Bones 4: Knights

The subset called “knights” in the Bones 4 core set.


I did these at the same time as the two heroes in the last post. These are more NPC or henchmen-types. Wait a minuite! Do I really think that just because they have covered faces? Dang!

I chose to use plain white capes, loincloths and so forth as a common denominator, which let them all have their own individual livery colours.


B4Core #57


B4Core #58



B4Core #59


B4Core #60


B4Core #61


At least the unarmoured fencing instructor has more than a stick this time around when the white cloaks come. What do we say to the god of death?


These also seem to be new sculpts for this KS.


Come to think of it, this lot should be good proxies for Kings of War Vanguard Basileans.



Knights subset

Reaper Miniatures, Bones 4 KS 2017

Sculpted by ??

Bonesium PVC.

30mm round lipped bases

should be available from some time in the future


Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  292 /365 goal // scenery and terrain: 48)

January: 30

February: 44   //  10

March: 17

April: 45

May: 46

June: 4

July: 42  //  38

August: 60

Bones 4 core set: 41/136 just 95 to go!

The Bones 4 core set:



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