Bobbybox pt 10: The DeadZone Rebs

Easter and a day or two off from work and all that. At last some time to get some serious painting in.


We continue the Bobbybox saga with some Deadzone Rebs minis.

In the bobbybox there were 4 little bags of Rebs minis, totalling 10 minis in two sets of 5 identical pairs.

As I am not a fan of painting identical minis identically, and the Rebs are a wonderfully diverse group of individuals, I have done them all with different uniforms etc, while keeping the weapons in the same simple gunmetal style as one way of unifying them.



Mal on the right with Wash on the left. They aim to misbehave.



Ken Obiwan to the right and his sidekick Mustapha Obiwan on the left.



“The Dog” Zebulba and his evil twin Zebulbo. In the Warpath universe this race is called Sorak (not Dug). Which I always found make me think about a Vulcan Curry.



The first of the two different Yndij minis I got. I gave them Mayan names.

Itzamatul “He who has the grace of the sky” to the left, and Ix’Kaknab “She of the sea” to the right.



To the left we have Aa’po “He who is father of many nations” and to the right Fair’uza “She who is triumphant”.

The blue ones are, obviously, inspired by the Na’vi of the movie Avatar (2009). If I ever get around to getting the new Yndij team for DreadBall, this is how I will paint them calling the team The Azure Avatars.


As the bobbybox minis were baseless, I based them all on my own bespoke 3D printed 25mm bases I made specifically for older mantic models. You can get them from Thingiverse here.

All these minis are made in Restic.


The Tally so far:

Finished from the Bobby Box: 79  / 126   (+10 / 13 casualties, small animals etc)

Just 47 left to do!

Finished from the stash: 59

Finished minis in total this year: 138 / 365 (target one for each day on average)


January: 59

February: 24

March: 55










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