Bobbybox pt 8: Abyssals

I have not posted for a while as I have been off on holiday to sunny Spain. And then I came home to Norway with a lovely freezing -11 degrees below C and a thick carpet of snow that needed to be shovelled away by hand. Hurrah!

But before I left I completed the remaining Abyssals from the bobbybox and also a set of the four Dungeon Saga lower abyssals together with a moloch and a succubus. I just did not get the time to post.


So here they are:


The first abyssal warrior I painted earlier is included in the picture for completion’s sake.

This is basically what you get on a Lower Abyssal sprue. Five Lower Abyssals and two little imps.

There are many more options on the sprue, such a different armaments, a drum and a standard, but this is what I built out of it. There are some bits left over that has gone in the bits box.

I based the imps individually on 15mm bases I printed out for them, the imps stand about 10 mm high to the eyes.

In comparison, the lower abyssal warrior is mounted on a 25mm base and is about 26mms to the eyes, slightly less than 30mm at the horns.



The Flamebearers.



The Abyssal Warriors.

The minis in this batch turned out a bit paler than the first one, as I used a different paints for them, and also went more sloppyfast on these.


At the same time, I also started on the Dungeon Saga Abyssal forces I have left unpainted, and I have 5 sets which I have divided into 5 groups that contain one of each mini per group. Not present are the Tortured Souls that were completed some time ago, and the hell hounds that are still set aside for now as I think I want to do them in different colours.

At any rate, I have started the groups in brown, flesh, red, blue and green (but I am thinking of restarting the greens with black instead, as the next group to do after all the abyssals are the greenskins/orcs and goblins and I don’t want them to be too similar.)

There are three different Abyssal Warriors, one Flamebearer, one Succubus and one Moloch in each batch.

This first batch is done in Doom Imp Brown like the Kings of War abyssals.




This Moloch has been repositioned on the base to look front and center, as it were.

The Succubus


The Flamebearer


The Lower Abyssal Warrior with Scythe


The Lower Abyssal Warrior with spears. (Or are they spades?)


The Lower Abyssal Warrior with sword and shield.


The Dungeon Saga minis do have slightly softer details when compared to the hard plastic Kings of War ones. Quelle Surprise.


As I wrote above, these are done sloppyfast to get them painted, they did not take many minutes each, and they are a bit uninspired maybe.

The only one I spent a bit more time on was the Moloch as it was larger. It seems when it comes to board game plastic / Bonesium PVC and similar materials, larger models tend to have better quality details when compared to smaller models in the same ranges and material.


Also these pictures illustrate a problem with my photography. As can be seen in the different background colours, the camera does change the colours a bit, in addition to the harsh and stark lighting. I only have one lamp and that is becoming a problem.

I will be getting a second lamp to illuminate the models better as soon as I can. And maybe look into a more suitable camera.


The Tally so far:

Finished from the Bobby Box: 58  / 126   (+7 / 12 casualties, small animals etc)

Just 68 left to do!

Finished from the stash: 24

Finished minis in total this year: 82 / 365 (target one for each day on average)


January: 59

February: 23



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