Bones 3: Let Dead Dogs Lie

That all these minis are Reaper Bones might just be a lie. Sorry about the bad pun there.



The Vampiress Lady Illona by Mantic, a character from the cover art of the first edition rule book for Kings of War. I got this with the undead army I bought in the first KoW kickstarter ages ago.

This is one of those minis that has just been standing around on the shelf half-painted for ages and ages, with several different colour schemes tried and abandoned before I settled on something a bit lackluster just to get it off the shelf. I painted the sword a brilliant silver because I see this vamp being a bit reckless and needing something special to give her that controlling edge in an undead army that also includes a pack of werewolves.


The mini is single piece restic. 30mm base.


Speaking of werewolves:


This is the 77437 Winter Wolf from the third Reaper Bones kickstarter. And about the size of a horse, so I think of it as a werewolf’s full wolf form. Or a Dire Wolf as needs be.

Miniature sculpted by Sandra Garrity.

Bespoke 50x25mm 3D printed base.



Two pairs of 77533 Dread Wolves from the Graveyard Expansion from the Bones 3 KS.



One pair brown and one pair grey. Ended up rather samey…Too dark perhaps.

Bespoke 35x25mm 3D printed bases.



Painted miniatures so far this month: 29 / 30

Painted miniatures so far this year: 354 / 365 -just 11 to go!

Painted Terrain pieces and bits so far this year: 74






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