Clearing the shelf, part II: Swamp Goblin blowing their own pipes

I still have some recalcitrant shelf sitters that stand around cluttering up my little trays of “to do” minis. So we start with trying to get a sort of fresh-ish start for the new year. In the spirit of clearing away some old sins, here are some more of the Chronopia Swamp Goblins. This time around, we come to the Blowpipes.


A full group of six (the contents of a blister pack) and their leader (sold separately) put on 20mm round bases, as I thought they fit the small goblins better.


Swamp Goblins w/ Blowpipes & Blowpipe Leader

Chronopia, Swamp Goblin faction, circa the turn of the century

Target Games / Heartbreaker


20mm bases


Painted so far this month: 7

Painted so far this year: 7

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