Clearing the shelf, part II: Swamp Goblin blowing their own pipes

I still have some recalcitrant shelf sitters that stand around cluttering up my little trays of “to do” minis. So we start with trying to get a sort of fresh-ish start for the new year. In the spirit of clearing away some old sins, here are some more of the Chronopia Swamp Goblins. This time around, we come to the Blowpipes.


A full group of six (the contents of a blister pack) and their leader (sold separately) put on 20mm round bases, as I thought they fit the small goblins better.


Swamp Goblins w/ Blowpipes & Blowpipe Leader

Chronopia, Swamp Goblin faction, circa the turn of the century

Target Games / Heartbreaker


20mm bases


Painted so far this month: 7

Painted so far this year: 7

Year’s End Shelf Clearing: Chronopia Swamp Goblins!

The End is Nigh and the built up clutter on my little shelf needs to go.


We start with this little squad of Swamp Goblins from the defunct game Chronopia.



Rather uninspired. I simply could not be bothered to go that extra mile with these, which is probably why they have been sitting on the shelf for months on end. Now they are passably painted, but only just. And off the shelf.



Swamp Goblin Spearmen, and Spearman Leader.

Chronopia, from the Swamp Goblin faction.

Target Games, end of the 90s


20mm bases



Painted so far this month: 19

Painted so far this year: 383

The other – Chronopia Unliving

The second zombie for Frostgrave, the other Chronopia Unliving:

160611 chronopia unliving

Chronopia squaddies usually came in packs of 4, with 2 each of 2 seperate sculpts. This is the other sculpt, the first being done a week or so ago.


Chronopia Unliving, Sons of Kronos faction.

Target Games, early ’00s


30mm base


Painted so far this month: 4

Painted so far this year: 189

Chronopia Unliving = Frostgrave zombie.

From Ye Pile of Olde hails this excellent zombie barbarian from the defunct game Chronopia. Looks like this one was sculpted by Kev White.

160530 chronopia unliving

Mervyn will be needing something to raise, after all.


Chronopia Unliving, Sons of Kronos faction.

Target Games, early ’00s


30mm base


Painted so far this month: 10

Painted so far this year: 165


Chronopia Skeletal Dwarf Swordsman

From Ye Pile of Olde comes this little gem:


160514 chronopia skeletal dwarf c 160514 chronopia skeletal dwarf a 160514 chronopia skeletal dwarf b

Basically an armoured lump, with a big skull on top, and actually a good representation of a skeletonized dwarf from this game. The skull might be a tad on the large side though.

There was once a blister pack with (I think they were called) Devout skeleton swordsmen. This pack was special in that it actually had 4 different miniatures, one each of dwarf, elf, human and blackblood skeletons, while most other 4 figure blister packs had two identical pairs in each. I will see if I can find the other skeletons from this pack.

The Devout faction being the evil Chronopia faction that roughly would be equivalent to Chaos in Warhammer.


Devout Skeleton Swordsmen (Dwarf)


Target Games, late 1990s.

Lead metal

25mm base


Painted so far this month: 3

Painted so far this year: 158


Out of the Old Warzone: Karnophages

I still have a lot of old metal minis lying about, and since I recently moved house I have dug up quite a lot of interesting minis from boxes I had forgotten I had…

This time from old-school Warzone:

Muawijhe Karnophages

151129 warzone karnophages

Muawijhe is one of the Dark Apostles (=Chaos Gods) and the Lord of Visions, and his followers tend to go a bit mad. Karnophages are changed remnants of humans that tried to strike deals with His Insanity, and consequently have lost all their marbles and gone completely round the bend. They cavort around the battlefield, tearing into their opponents with abandon. Or something like that.

Basically your typical human-sized combat demons/cannon fodder. I also have a few I painted back in the day, these are done in a similar enough fashion so I can make a larger squad if I want.



Warzone -The Dark Legion / Muawijhe faction


25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 22

Painted so far this year: 259

Off the shelf of Shame, part V. The good, the bad and the ugly, ugly failure

Being in part, the further chronicles of the Most Holy Quest to see the Wall Behind the Shelf of Shame:


140608 warzone undead legionnaries

1. Three Undead Legionnaires, from first edition Warzone. Metal models.


140608 werewolf grey

2. The second Mantic Werewolf. And it does look better in all over grey.


140608 The Mighty Z´zor Team

3. Dreadball Team: The Mighty Z´zor! The Ludwig MVP in Thor colours in the works. These have actually been nearly done for ages, just the bases needed doing. Getting a smooth yellow is really difficult with my old paints, even with a smooth bone basecoat beneath. The yellow paints simply have extremely poor coverage, even in several coats. That includes both several old Citadel-types (as in pre-2000), recent Army Painter and Vallejo. Maybe I need to get one of the new citadel base yellows, if they make one.


140608 lesser fire elemental

Gah! it’s ugly! Take it to the city walls and kill it with a rock!

4. Reaper Bones 77083: Medium Fire Elemental. I am not at all pleased with the result.

This one was a bit of a struggle, and in the end, a failure. But I have learned some things with it.

a) Translucent Bones also need an undercoat of sorts.

First Fail: I started out (after washing it) with yellow ink. -It did not really show, and just made a sticky mess of everything, But it did tint the model a bit.

After that had dried for sereval days, I did some drybrushing. Problem was the ink did not stick properly to the bones material, and rubbed off in places. And then the drybrushed paint would not stick. After several goes, I at least got some colour on the mini.

Lesson learned: The next translucent bones, I will undercoat with matte varnish. Maybe that lets the paint sit on the mini.

b) Thinned down paints definately do not stick to it, when the basecoat fails.

Yes, you see the results. Not good at all. Paint has not built up properly, leaving flaws and ruining the effect completely.

I tryied to combat this by mixing some opaque bone paint into the mix, but this really ruined it. Big mistake!

Lesson Learned: opaque paint does not go with (this kind of)  trancelucency. It just jars.

c) Thinning with water only goes so far.

I mainly thin with water, mostly because I do not have any medium or acrylic paint thinner. Problem is that this effects the paints coherency in additon to the fluidity. The paint somewhat falls apart.

Lesson Learned: Use medium insted of water to thin paint for translucency, when painting Bones or large surfaces.


I now need to shower my shame away. Gah!