Transparent Bones: The second Slime lessons

Continuing the experiments on the transparent Bones, we come to the other clear slime.

This one was undercoated with Army Painter Anti Shine Clear Varnish spray like the others, and given a coating of Vallejo Green Ink.

So far so good. But it was far too dark, so I tried to lighten it a bit. FAIL.

Here are two points to remember:

150906 slime b


Lesson 1: The base and / or underside of the model should have been painted first. (Duh!) Captain Hindsight has a few choice words for me here. The bones are transparent, and that goes both ways. Some time ago I had a basing frenzy, gluing most of my bones to bases. Including the transparent ones. Probably should not have glued those. Expecially this one, being broad, thin and flat.

The black of the base darkens the flat slime and makes it look much darker than I wanted. And since superglue sticks to Bones like shit to velcro, I could not get it off the base.



150906 slime

Lesson 2:  Do not try to use opaque paints to make any sort of transparency, even when they are thinned considerably.

The chalkyness does not go away when thinned. As soon as I put the paint on, I realized my mistake, followed by trying to wipe the paint off. To no avail. The chalkiness stuck.

So I consider this one a failure. Just need to remember the lessons for next time.


Transparent Slime

Reaper Miniatures

Bones PVC

50mm round lipped base.


Painted so far this month: 9

Painted so far this year: 201

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