A Cosmic Horror, or: the smallest scaled model I have ever painted.

For some obscure reason the model “77115 Shoggoth” by Reaper features a big globe in it’s middle, as if it is on it’s back. It’s as if the sculptor started with a marble and tacked on some tenatcles with eyes. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice, Lovecraftian model, but i find the marble a bit jarring. It is too large, to perfectly spherical. It simply does not seem to be a part of the creature, and I certainly do not think of Shoggoths when I see it. (if there had been several such globes of varying size held together with amorphous ectoplasm, well, YES! But just one is strange. I see most people paint them as large central eyes.

Not me. I try instead to give a sense of scale to the cosmic horrors that wish to break into our reality…

150821 worldeater b 150821 worldeater a 150821 worldeater top

….nom nom…slurp.

The scale is roughly 1 274 200 000 : 1. or thereabouts.

30mm base. Bones PVC.

Painted so far this month: 22

Painted so far this year: 173

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  1. That is a fantastic globe!!! I am completely blown away by it! 🙂

  2. Awesome idea (and execution)! This is one of the (few) figures I didn’t pick up from Bones I, but your take on it really has me considering picking up a few to try different effects on the orb!

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