The Bone Devil

From the Bones 2 kickstarter

150713 bones bone devil

92786 Bone Devil

This was a wonky one, no amount of boiling would get it to keep standing up straight!

It would straighten up just fine when held in hot water and then into ice cold, but then it would gradually lean over again over time.

I attribute this to the weight of the wings and upper body and the thin and bent knee simply not being strong enough in this material. even though it is made of the more rigid Bonesium.

I solved this by inserting a strut. A simple length of paperclip from beneath the base and pushing the right knee -and therefore the whole mini – up into the correct position,

The pin was hidden in the bushes on the base.

40mm base, Bones PVC.

Minis painted so far this month: 25

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