May resolution

For my May resolution, I have decided to try to get some of the following done:

1. finish the Mars Attacks! martian grunt and marine squads. It turns out that I had not noticed there was a difference, and mixed the two types in the first squad I painted. So that is 10 minis there.

2. Do some more of the SciFi Zombies. Maybe 10 or so there as well. Still got 30-40 left unpainted.

3. Finish the Reaper Skeleton Giant “diorama”/ unit base thingy I built ages ago.

4. Get started on the Oathsworn Dwarfs.

5. Do some of the Hell Dorado minis I have lying about.

6. Ditto DreadBall and / or DeadZone.

6. Prepare some more Bones 2 minis. Maybe even get to paint one or two.

7, Finish some of the many incomplete minis still on the Shelf of Shame.

Problem is, I have just started redecorating my house, and that will probably take most of my free time the next couple months. So maybe I will only get the time for a few of those. We will see.

I have started small:

150503 hell dorado Jinx A 150503 hell dorado Jinx B 150503 hell dorado Jinx C

1. Jinx from Hell Dorado, Demon faction.

That is one creepy baby! I imagine this hellspawn would be permanently accompanied by a soundtrack with dramatic cathedral organs and latin-chanting choir!

The base is a resin one I bought off Ebay some time ago.Do not remember the make, I think it is Micro Art Studio, but it might be Kromlech or similar. The “white hot” flames work better IRL than in the pictures.

Metal, 30mm base.

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