So for April, I have been thinking about what to do for my resolutionary challenge.

First, I need to prep a lot of the new minis that have arrived, such as the second Bones kickstarter shipment. I also have the second wave of DreadBall Xtreme and the first wave of DUST totally untouched as of yet. Second. I want to go over a lot of the minis I already have primed black with a zenithal grey primer. I have already come to the conclusion that this is a great way to prime. Best of both worlds, so to speak.

But I broke my airbrush (screwed the nozzle a little too tight while cleaning it, breaking it in such a manner that half of the screw is stuck inside the airbrush thingy, and without the nozzle it only makes splatters. Oh well, a couple of cheap new ones have been ordered off ebay. So I am not getting any priming done at the moment.

And thirdly, I want to get some more painting done. To this end I think I might want to do something similar to Feburary, and do a load of different minis, and at least two DreadBall Teams.

I have not had a lot of hobby time these last couple of weeks, and most of what time I have had, has been spent prepping. Those Bones have mould lines that need carving off, bent bits to boil and unbend, and bases that need cutting.

But I have started to paint several minis, and even managed to finish two.


1: Reaper Bones 77020: Bathalian

150405 reaper bathalian prince john a150405 reaper bathalian prince john b 150405 reaper bathalian prince john d


First up is a Reaper Bones 77020: Bathalian painted as Prince John from Disneys Robin Hood


This is a pre-kickstarter Bones I got sometime in 2013. I have painted and repainted, based and rebased this mini several times, never being satisfied with it. Still not entirely happy, but there it is.

I made a rough Ermine collar and backpiece in green stuff, together with a rudimentary crown. And that is about where my green stuffing skills come to an end. Need to practice, practice, practice.

At any rate, this one is intended for the Reaper Forums “You’re Such a Character” competition, where we are to do a Reaper mini to “cosplay” some character or other.

30mm base, Bones.


2. Mantic Deadzone Marauder Mawbeast.

150405 Deadzone fleabag a150405 Deadzone fleabag b


This metal Marauder Mawbeast was delivered in the second wave, together with a bunch of characters all in metal.
This Mawbeast differs from the restic ones in the original Marauders set in that it does not have any techno-gubbins on it, nor the chainsaw blade in it’s mouth. It could equally well be used in a Fantasy setting.

At any rate, I thought it looked like a lion, what with the mane and all. So I painted it like one. Rawrr.

25mm base, metal


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  1. I seriously love this guy. You almost owed me a new keyboard from the Dr. Pepper I was trying to drink while flipping through the forum. Excellent idea, and great execution. 🙂

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