Actually getting something done at last, part 1: Deadzone Plague

I have become such a dull boy with all work and almost no play these last weeks.

But I have gotten round to making some time for painting at last, and am working on the plague for Deadzone, playing around with skintones. Not really entirely satisfied with what I have come up with, but it will do for starters.


I started with the 3rd gen humans to establish the look, and the dogs for simplicity. I must say I can’t stand the garish pink of the “official” colour schemes. I imagine the infected grow/mutate in big spurts, and have tried to show this by making them look more like they are entirely covered in massive bruises adn blemishes, with varying success. Blackish hands and feet for the gangreneous effect. Maybe the faces should stay more unblemished as they do not seem to have grown or disdended to any large degree?

Blue in Blue eyes, not for their spice addiction, rather for their otherness.

The dogs were nice sculpts, apart from the faces/snouts/jaws where detail were quite soft and difficult to separate.

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