The Bare Bones

With the refurbishment of the old house complete and it now up for sale, I have at last some time to paint a miniature or two. It has been more than a month since I touched a brush smaller than two inches wide, and I have come to the conclusion that I utterly detest redacorating houses, especially everything that involves masking tape.

So anyway. Starting easy with a bare bones miniature:


151122 skeleton

I posed this one to be wailing in its’ existential pain, being somewhat of a pretentious poseur even in death.

I have to look into building a light box, as the lighting I currently use (one desk lamp and the blitz on the compact camera) is far too harsh and serves only to highlight all the flaws. This one actually looks great in the flesh (oh, the Pun! The Pun!). Not so much in the picture. Might also have something to do with the mini being about an inch tall, and the picture magnifying everything, almost filling the screen.

This is one of the original Wargames Factory skeletons, from before they retooled them to have slightly thicker contact points. The skeletons are really nice, but are a pain to put together as the contact points are only a fractions of a millimeter wide. This also means that they are extremely brittle and often fall apart.



from the “Skeleton Warriors” box set

Wargames Factory

HIPS plastic

25 mm round base by Renedra.

Painted so far this month: 1

Painted so far this year: 238

Febuary Painting Resolution, chapters 4-8 + 3 bonus minis!

Staying on target for Februrary:

4. Warhammer Fantasy Battles:

150209 Oldhammer Ogre Gladiator 150209 Oldhammer Ogre Gladiator 5 150209 Oldhammer Ogre Gladiator 4  150209 Oldhammer Ogre Gladiator 2 150209 Oldhammer Ogre Gladiator 3

Warhammer Fantasy old school Ogre Gladiator. I love the old Jes Goodwin Ogre models. So much character!

40mm base, white metal.


5. Warhammer 40.000

150209 Space Hulk Genestealer

Space Hulk / Warhammer 40.000 Tyranid Genestealer. Painted in the same vein as one I did earlier, this is an exeptionally speedy speedpaint, only taking a few minutes to finish. Several others are on the “assembly line” waiting for some paint to come their way.


6. Finish something that currently stands around half-done on the shelf of shame

150209 Sedition Wars Hexen Phaedra and strain

Sedition Wars Hexen Phaedra normal and infeced version.

Who doubles as a coach for my Team Toasters Robot Dreadball team. Hexen Phaedra is obviously a homage to Caprica Six from Battlestar Galactica.

Too bad that Studio McVey messed up the scale on many of the wave 2 minis like these. They are far to small and spindly.

These would have been easier to paint with a white or grey undercoat rather than black.

20mm bases, restic.

7. Dreadball

150209 Dreadball Extreme Treeman 1 150209 Dreadball Extreme Treeman

Dreadball Xtreme Avaran Treebeast.

The first of the DBX free agent minis to be painted. The colour variations are not really visible in the pictures.

Green base edges as it is a Jack.


8. Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster:

150209 Sedition Wars strain zombie a1 150209 Sedition Wars Hexen strain zombie a2

Sedition Wars Battle for Alabaster Strain Infected A.

Basically your space zombie mutant thing, it is part machine, part necrotic tissue, all terrifying mutant monster thing.



Bonus round 1:

150209 Wargames Factory Skeleton Warrior

Wargames Factory Skeleton Warrior.

Test piece. The Wargames Foundry skeletons are really nice, but the parts are thin and the joints only points. The right arm keeps falling off!

I painted this simply by undercoating in bone, and Soft quickshade ink. Then some light grey for teeth. Nothing more.

Good thing this very simple paint job works, I do not think it would have stood up to drybrushing at all. The right arm kept falling off as it was.


Bonus Round 2:

150209 reaper bones canine from 77176 Familiars 150209 reaper bones canine from 77176 Familiars 2

Reaper Bones canine from 77176: Familiars pack. I did this one as a fox, even though it obviously is a large dog or a smallish wolf. 20mm mantic base.

Bonus Round 3:

150209 reaper bones fire sprite from 77196 Familiars 2 front 150209 reaper bones fire sprite from 77196 Familiars 2

Reaper Bones Fire Sprite from 77196: Familiars 2 pack.

A smaller version of the medium fire elemental.

How to paint a scorched earth base:

Actually quite simple.
A layer of fine sand is glued down with thinned pva.

When dry, paint entire sanded area with very dark brown, almost black ink or thinned dark brown ditto paint. Pure black should be fine as well for this.

Wait until dry and then wait some more to make sure. Some sand always loosens when the paint is wet.

Then dry brush in “rings”following the curve of the base. I did yellowy bone colour first, on the middle two thirds or so, with less on the outermost part.

The bone is a base coat that gives strength to the next coat, bright yellow. I often use bone under yellows (and brown under golds, blue under silver etc)

The outer part is drybrushed green.
Then the middle part is drybrushed yellow, orange and red
The inner part stays the blackish brown. Touch up with thinned black where needed.

And that is that.