The arm is getting better

I have not been painting anything the last half year or so, as my left elbow and lower arm have not been working properly, ligament problems leaving me unable to hold anything small still for any length of time, or at all. But it is getting better, and I have been getting a lot of […]

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Test-painting the Mantic Ghouls

Too much time has been used lately putting together units for the plastic Undead army I got from the Kings of War kickstarter. There are a bajillion bits to be cut, cleaned up and glued together, and it takes forever! Gorram You, Mantic, for putting all those lovely options and detailing bits in! Also, the […]

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More random rediscovered minis

Some more oldies I rediscovered and decided to paint. These are “The Drugged” from the Stygian faction in the excellent but defunct game Chronopia. The Stygian are a race of raptor-like warriors, and the Drugged are their human shields. As I had 15 of these finished from earlier times, I did these in an identical […]

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Unliving Wilding

Another random mini from the old boxes under the cellar stair, rediscovered and painted recently: Chronopia Sons of Kronos Unliving Wilding Wight Yep, I also read books and watch the telly now and then. So this one had to be a blue-eyed wight! He should of course have had more clothes on to have fitted […]

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