The not-actually Napoleonic mini

I follow the Lead Adventure Forum and like to participate in their intermittent painting clubs. They run 2 or 3 a year, and any member may participate by paiting up and posting an image of a single miniature that fits the theme of the club.  Max 1 per participant each day until 100 posts altogether are reached.

Right now the theme is “Big Battalions”, which means it “includes the ‘historical’ wargaming period known as the “Horse and Musket” period. In this case it includes the regimental warfare in the 18th and 19th century. So anything from the War of the Spanish Succession, the Great Northern War, Seven Years War, the Napoleonic wars, the American Civil War and the likes.”

Now, I am not a historical gamer. I do not own Napoleonic or American Civil War miniatures. But I do have a stash of minis left over from sets or second hand lots I have traded or purchased.

And from one of these lots come the following miniature that I painted up yesterday specifically to enter the painting club:

170720 unknown napoleonic Feraud 1 170720 unknown napoleonic Feraud 2 170720 unknown napoleonic Feraud 3 170720 unknown napoleonic Feraud 4

I must admit that the hightlights looks much smoother when not magnified under harsh lighting…

I did not know anything about this miniature apart from he is wearing what looks to my untrained eye as a Napoleonic Hussar uniform. The gun (with a scope! Were there scopes in the Napoleonic Wars?) does look a bit out of place though and gave me a nagging suspicion that this was not quite a Napoleonic soldier. I was a bit afraid he might turn out to be some sort of SteamPunk character.

So anyway, not really knowing much about Napoleonic uniforms, I did him in the colours and style inspired by Feraud, Harvey Keitels character in The Duellists movie from 1977.  (If you have not seen it, do so.)

So I posted the first picture in the club, with a request for info on the mini if anybody recognized it, and it did not take long until a kind soul posted “A not flashman from eurekas victorian range.

I have after using all my chi to power some google-fu, uncovered that this is, in fact, a miniature named “Wellyn Shaftesbury with pistol” from Eurekas “Pax Limpopo” range.

He seems to be missing his sheathed sabre though.

And he is an obvious Flashman to boot. “Flashman” being a character I had not heard about either. It turns out he is the lovable, rougeish anti-hero of a series of novels collectively known as “The Flashman Papers”  by George MacDonald Fraser. Read about it on wikipedia

It seems I have some reading to do too 🙂



Wellyn Shaftesbury with pistol  (sans sabre)

Eureka Miniatures’ Pax Limpopo range


30mm base



Painted miniatures so far this month: 35 / 31   +4 above and beyond!

Painted miniatures so far this year: 235 / 365 -just 130 to go!

Painted Dungeon Furniture (just don’t google that phrase): 5










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  1. Awesome paint job! He looks Napoleonic to me!

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