The Others: 7 Sins: Hell Club completed

Marguerite, Dr Gan, and Flay, the three “normal” humans remaining to paint from the Hell Club are probably the least good miniatures when it comes to shallowness and softness of the details in the entire game. Don’t get me wrong, the overall quality of the minis in this game is very high for PVC minis. It’s just that there are always some that are not up to scratch.

It might simply be that they are stick-thin, skin-tight fetish-latex clad humans in the smaller truscale 28mm, which means there is a limit to how deep any details can go. Something which does not work all that well for these exact miniatures, even though it works for others.

I did not really enjoy painting these all that much (what details there are are too small and shallow, I can barely see them let alont paint them. *Sigh* my age is catching up with my eyesight it seems.

So the paint job is rudimentary at best.

The Hell Club: Marguerite, Gourd & Vex, Dr Gan, Flay and Grin. (Gourd & Vex and Grin were painted at an earlier date.) In game the Hell Club are enemies that actively work to summon the Sins.

On top of that, I took a bunch of pictures of them individually, none of which turned out to be in focus. Maybe it’s the gloss varnish that tricks my old camera.

At any rate, in the end I had a single barely workable picture of all the Hell Club members. That will just have to do.

The Hell Club seems to be heavily influenced by the Hellraiser series of movies. Not a bad thing at all.

Dr Gan, Marguerite, Flay

of the Hell Club

The Others: 7 Sins board game base set

Guillotine Games / Studio McVey

Rigid PVC

25mm integral bases.


Painted miniatures so far this month: 38 / 31   +7 above and beyond!

Painted miniatures so far this year: 238 / 365 -just 127 to go!

Painted Dungeon Furniture (just don’t google that phrase): 5

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