Reaper Challenge League 2022 edition: December

If I continue with the Reaper Challenge League next year, I will shorten that title length to RCL ’23 or something.

Anyway, everything entered, clean sweep for December and the fourth quarter, including the half-yearly and annual. This means all challenges met and entered for this year also. Yay. Fake internet points galore!
Well, fake. Reaper has been very gracious and converts points into store credit for their online store. 50 points is USD10 (or in my case, GBP10 as I frequent the UK store and pay in £ not Euros since both our countries are outside the EU.) So this makes the RCL actually worth some money.

Anyway. Let’s get into it.

December Player Character

77008 Garrick the Bold, Human Paladin aka Sir Justin Forscale

December Monster

09283 (Rosemary’s) Devil Baby

December New Release:

44163 Leucrotta

December Theme: The Gift

50208 Santa Claus

December Limited Palette (choose your own colours)


December Freebie

The Ancient One from Shadows of Brimstone

December Duo

Brinewind Otter Pirate Captain

December Trio

Brinewind Otter Pirate Wizard


Q4 Diorama: “X Marks the Spot”

Brinewind Skeleton Pirates

Q4 Mods Choice: “Profession”

77462 Halfling Cook

Q4 Heavy Conversion

77048 Mocking Beast, avec Tentacles


Page-O-Rama “Paul Conquering the Worm”

Come up, you lovely monster, he thought. Up. You hear me calling. Come up. Come up.

The wave lifted his feet. Surface dust swept across him. He steadied himself, his world dominated by the passage of that sand-clouded curving wall, that segmented cliff, the rings lines sharply defined in it. Paul lifted his hooks, sighted along them, leaned in. He felt them bite and pull. He leaped upward, planting his feet againts that wall, leaning out against the clinging barbs. This was the true instant of the testing: if he had planted the hooks correctly at the leading edge of a ring segment, opening the segment, the worm would not roll down and crush him. The worm slowed. It glided across the thumper, silencing it. Slowly, it began to roll -up, up – bringing those irritant barbs as high as possible, away from the sand that threatened the soft inner lapping of its ring segment. Paul found himself riding upright atop the worm. He felt exultant, like an emperor surveying his world. He suppressed a sudden urge to cavort there, to turn the worm, to show off his mastery of this creature.
Excerpted from Dune (1965), “The prophet” p456, by Frank Herbert

Featuring 77006 Great Worm and an GW Epic Space Marine Scout

Yearly benchmark: (paint the same model as one earlier in the year)

77154 77155 Lizardmen
I had honestly forgotten to order in a double of something I painted early in the year, but luckily I had more of these that I originally painted in June. The top pair I painted this month.

That’s a wrap!

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