Reaper Challenge League 2022 Edition: April

It seems I forgot to make this post after April wrapped up… woops.

April Player Character

Bones 5 Greek Odyssey Expansion Centaur

April Monster

02214 Wraith

April Theme: Predator / Prey

59020 Glom, who is BOTH predator and prey.

April New Release

30065 Tinalise Bog Witch

April Limited Palette Red Green Orange

77118 Tiviel Hellborn Rogue

April Freebie

TTCombat Banshee

April Duo

77074 Dain Dwarf Fighter

April Trio

77078 Astrid Half-Elf Bard


Q2 Mods Choice: Gothic Ritual

Ever since he got given that love bite, the Count Anton von Ulm had lost his appetite.
Once a reknowned gourmet, patron of every good kitchen in the realm. Now, in undeath, the only thing he could stand was blood. Anything else that crossed his palate made him ill.
So he suffered. For three centuries now, cowering from the light of day, hiding in shadows of his ancestral halls, coming out at night to prey on the living.
More than anything, he wanted, nay, craved… vegetables.
This was his last, best hope. The forbidden ritual to summon the Blood Cabbage.

Q2 Popup: Townspeople

Three townsfolk from the Bones 5 townsfolk set, plus the dog from 44114 Isobael the Bard

Q2 Popup: Wet:

02253 Water Elemental

Q2 Large Freebie

3D Printed Treemen, one I don’t remember, the second by Arbiter Miniatures

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