And the promised roundup

I have not had the time to take pictures and do a proper write up of some of the RCL minis, so here goes:

44016 Dreadmere Mercenary, (1 of 3 different in the pack)

“Suddenly Frodo noticed that a strange-looking weather-beaten man, sitting in the shadows near the wall, was also listening intently to the hobbit-talk. He had a tall tankard in front of him, and was smoking a long-stemmed pipe curiously carved. His legs were stretched out before him, showing high boots of supple leather that fitted him well, but had seen much wear and were now caked with mud. A travel-stained cloak of heavy dark-green cloth was drawn close about him, and in spite of the heat of the room he wore a hood that overshadowed his face; but the gleam of his eyes could be seen as he watched the hobbits. […] As Frodo drew near he threw back his hood, showing a shaggy head of dark hair flecked with grey, and in a pale stern face a pair of keen grey eyes.”
-JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

I call this “the Mugger”.

This mini is from the Bones 4 Dreadmere Expansion.
Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
Bones Black PVC
25mm base.

77396 Olivia, Female Cleric

From the Bones 2 kickstarter Core Set
Sculpted by Werner Klocke
Classic Bones PVC
25mm base

77390 Highlands Familiar

From the Bones 2 “Thank you pack” add on

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
20mm base
This one was painted in celebration of Burns Night January 25th, Traditionally, the following poem by Robert Burns is recited before large quantities of haggis is consumed by kiltclad Scots.

Address to a Haggis
By Robert Burns. (1786)

Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o the puddin’-race!
Aboon them a’ ye tak your place,
Painch, tripe, or thairm:
Weel are ye wordy o’ a grace
As lang’s my arm.

The groaning trencher there ye fill,
Your hurdies like a distant hill,
Your pin wad help to mend a mill
In time o need,
While thro your pores the dews distil
Like amber bead.

His knife see rustic Labour dight,
An cut you up wi ready slight,
Trenching your gushing entrails bright,
Like onie ditch;
And then, O what a glorious sight,
Warm-reekin, rich!

Then, horn for horn, they stretch an strive:
Deil tak the hindmost, on they drive,
Till a’ their weel-swall’d kytes belyve
Are bent like drums;
The auld Guidman, maist like to rive,
‘Bethankit’ hums.

Is there that owre his French ragout,
Or olio that wad staw a sow,
Or fricassee wad mak her spew
Wi perfect scunner,
Looks down wi sneering, scornfu view
On sic a dinner?

Poor devil! see him owre his trash,
As feckless as a wither’d rash,
His spindle shank a guid whip-lash,
His nieve a nit;
Thro bloody flood or field to dash,
O how unfit!

But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed,
The trembling earth resounds his tread,
Clap in his walie nieve a blade,
He’ll make it whissle;
An legs an arms, an heads will sned,
Like taps o thrissle.

Ye Pow’rs, wha mak mankind your care,
And dish them out their bill o fare,
Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware
That jaups in luggies:
But, if ye wish her gratefu prayer,
Gie her a Haggis

77189 Creature of Blood Reef

aka Jumping Jaques Flash is a fish fish fish!

From the original Bones kickstarter, the Deep Dwellers add on.
Sculpted by Julie Guthrie
Original Bones classic PVC.
30mm base

77188 Sea Lion

Here I tried for a chinese dragon dancers-dragon style look, as it had mustasche-tendrils like an oriental dragon often has.
Didn’t really work, but at least it is painted. It is probably poisonous with a coloration like that.

I chose to base both of these the same as my other land bound minis, as I see them roaming around on land, the sea lion floating above the ground, moving in snake-like ripples much like an oriental dragon would.

From the original Bones kickstarter, the Deep Dwellers add on.
Sculpted by Julie Guthrie
Original Bones classic PVC.
45x30mm base

77275 Kelpie (1 of 2 in the pack)

painted for the February limited palette: Blue, Pink, Yellow.

From the Bones 2 core set, “Under the Sea” subset.
Sculpted by Patrick Keith
Classic Bones PVC
30mm base.

All minis are available from

These minis were completed January 2021, the Kelpie early February.

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  37 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 5)

January: 36 // 5
February: 1

Bones 4 Dreadmere Expansion:  6 / 43   Just 37 to go!

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