Chewing the Scenery: Conan boardgame – The Piles of Skulls

Prepping all the Conan stuff has taken a long time! Thats 200+ PVC minis! And some scenery bits like chairs, benches, tables, bookcase, torch stands, a sarcophagus and these:


In essence they are simply piles of skulls. But what piles they are! Stack ’em high! Certainly the finest skull piles I have seen in miniature form.

I stuck them on 30mm bases for ease of handling when painting and then I decided to keep them there as I thought they looked good like that.

So, at least I have started on Conan with these. Now to squeeze the rest in the paint queue amongst all the other minis I have lined up! Damn those kickstarters are far too tasty, and they keep on coming!



Piles of Skulls

Conan the Boardgame


30mm bases


Painted so far this month: 13

Painted so far this year: 13



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