Dungeon Saga Zombie Trolls

Trolls. That also are zombies.  What’s not to love?


160428 Mantic Dungeon Saga Zombie Troll A

Zombie Troll. The green one.


160428 Mantic Dungeon Saga Zombie Troll B

Zombie Troll, the purple one


160428 Mantic Dungeon Saga Zombie Troll C

Zombie Troll, the pale one

These were fun. Great big zombies with massive upper bodies, lots of muscles and the trademark Mantic itty bitty legs.

I repositioned the arms a bit with the hot water method. I meant the green one to have it’s hands closer together, but during the next week or so, they moved a bit apart. It seems I did not have hot enough water or dunk it long enough to reset the material’s plastic memory.

Dungeon Saga minis come pre-assembled, which is definately not always a boon. Apart from typical difficulties with getting at mould lines, there are other problems…

One of these trolls  had it’s head glued on upside down(!). Also most minis in the range are standing a bit wonky on the base, as in they are not centered, not facing the right way (at least, what I think of as the right way, i.e. looking looking ahead in relation to the base’s straight edges. Front and center, as it were)

I tried repositioning a few, but it turned out to be more bother than it was worth to do. Most of the minis are glued down pretty tight and resist pulling off, making it too easy to damage them doing that. And to add insult to injury, this rigid plastic is quite hard to slice with a craft knife (much harder than bones, or even polystyrene). So I let them be.

That leaves only Hoggarth the Zombie Troll Shaman left of the base game to do. (and a mass of orcs and goblins, a horde of devils of the abyss and the big dragon…) I think I will be painting something else for a while before revisiting these. I recently bought the Frostgrave rulebook and think I will make a stab at a warband or two using some of the 20 or so Bones I still have unpainted…


Zombie Trolls from the Dungeon Saga base set

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

50mm bases


Painted so far this month: 20 (Damn you, Fallout 4! Eating all my spare time! Again!)

Painted so far this year: 155


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