The Cloaker

A bit of variation from the Dungen Saga, while still keeping with the dungeon theme, of sorts:

160403 77391 Bones Cloaker

Reaper Bones KS2 77391: Cloaker aka Cloak Beast

Your basic dungeon hazard or random encounter, a cloaker will drop down from above and envelop it’s victim while biting down hard. Much like an octopus, come to think of it.

This version looks much more like a great big leech with batlike wings, than like a cloak which the original AD&D monster is described as -a great big flying/dropping cloak-like “sheet”, with teeth and a bad attitude.

I do not know if that stalagmite is meant to be the stand for the cloaker or not, but it fits and came in the same KS shipment, so maybe it is.

I used one of the MDF oval bases from Warbases


77391: Cloaker

Reaper Miniatures, Bones KS2

Bones PVC

20x30mm oval base


Painted so far this month: 5

Painted so far this year: 140


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