My entries for Reaper Forum contests this october

So I am trying to get into the painting habit again, being out of it for a few months with a wonky arm means I have to train myself up again to even be able to put the paint where I want it to go. Did have some trouble with these, particularily the faces. I had to do them over and over and over and over. And still I am not really satisfied, but ths seems to be about the best I can do at the moment,

So here goes:

20131027 murkette ferdig 01 20131027 murkette ferdig 520131027 murkette ferdig 420131027 murkette ferdig 0 20131027 murkette ferdig 3

Murkette To’ken represents the Beneathdark in the Beauty Pageant, being the official Miss Beneathdark and sole survivor of the preliminary Beneathdark pageants. The other contestants mysteriously suffering strange, and completely unrelated, series of accidents and illnesses. Several dying of natural causes (coming down with particulary violent cases of the stabbings). Indeed, the entire contingent of Bathalian contestants accidentally got redirected to the delivery entrance of the kitchens, ending up being served as appetizers at the judges’ banquet.

Hailing from the dark city of M’anzan, Murkette orphaned herself at an early age, and is now travelling the world.

Presenter: “Murkette, you have put student as you current occupation. Please tell the audience, what have you been studying?”

Murkette: “I have been studying where the tunnels from Beneathdark come closest to the judges’ homes.”

Presenter: “Um…right.  What you would change about yourself and why?

Murkette: “About myself? Nothing. I am confident the judges will make the right choice and not get dragged away in the night to be sacrificed on dark altars in the deep places of the world.”

Presenter (visibly sweating): “uhh…is that a live spider in your hair?”

Murkette: “No, it is an avatar of my Goddess, you unctuous little toad.”

Presenter: “Next contestant please!”


and the Halloween contest:

20131027 big zombie 020131027 big zombie 5 side 20131027 big zombie 3 backside 20131027 big zombie 2 crawl

this one might get disqualified, as I have put parts of Mantic Zombies on the base. Depends on how strict the judges are, if they count them as miniatures and not basing.

At any rate it is a Bones Flesh Golem. I think of it as a Zombiedaddy. This one can also be used as a 4-men placeholder in a Zombie regiment,

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