Test-painting the Mantic Ghouls

Too much time has been used lately putting together units for the plastic Undead army I got from the Kings of War kickstarter. There are a bajillion bits to be cut, cleaned up and glued together, and it takes forever! Gorram You, Mantic, for putting all those lovely options and detailing bits in!

Also, the mantic figures seem to have too much (and small) detail for a really speedy paint job, at least without buzzing said details. We shall see how they turn out.

Here are the first two ghouls I have done, as a test for colour and new paints from Army Painter and Vallejo.

20130622 ghouls test 2

They turned out quite well, but the Stong Tone Ink I used was actually a bit too powerful as they became very similar, and look almost sepia, at least when not looking at them in extreme close up as in the pictures.

I painted these on a black undercoat. Both had the same light greenish skin tone, one had the rags in brown, the other in grey. Army Painter Strong Tone Ink (not quickshade), a quick drybtush with khaki, and then details such as the hair, lips, teeth, eyes and nails (…and who on earth has hammered great big nails into these monsters? Why have they not pulled them out? Aren’t ghouls supposed to be living, albeit degenerate corpse-eaters?)

I expect this method will be quite quick for units.

20130622 ghouls test 1Boo!

Also I find I have warmed to the Mantic bases, I used to think they were not so good with their straight edges, preferring the beveled bases I am used to from Citadel.

But these are actually quite nice. and also they make is easier to pick the figures up by the bases.

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