The Ebay Lottery came up…filthy

I mainly buy Citadel miniatures off Ebay these days, as I do not like paying through the nose.

However, it is somewhat risky, both because of shipments ´going missing´and the seller going either “not my problem” or “I´ll send a new one right away. Oh Yes.” and that not happening (luckily only happened to me a couple of times, and because of the items not being quite what you expect. But mostly the ebay purchases turn out OK.

A few months ago I purchased a squad of 22 Space Ork Boys, that was supposed to be in good condition and nicely converted using helmets, hats and other pieces of kit from historic soldier models. I did not pay a great deal either. Of course, the pictures were all group shots, and rather small.

It arrived. So far, so good.

I opened the box, and lo and behold! They were converted…

130520 messy ork 2 130520 messy ork 1

Wahey! They had helmets and hats on! And assorted backpack, pouches and whatnot!

And massive patches of dried glue-gunk all over -ruining the details!  ALL 22 of them!

And Fur!!! from hairs, dust and other disgusting filth!

I was not happy with this. So I let them stew in their own filth for many weeks.

The other night I decided to try to salvage them, a mob of 22 boys is not something to waste.

So I cleaned them up as good as I could, glued them together again and replaced several arms, bases and heads that were beyond repair, from my own bits-box. Luckily I had some spare parts. Drilled out ht ebarrels of their guns.

And gave them a good hot bath and scrub-a-dub-dub with a toothbrush.


130520 group

At any rate, I think this mob will shape up and be usable. Now to get them undercoated and prepped.

Maybe winter camo for these?

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