Uhm, nice….Doggy?

I envision this demon dog as being a beast of smoke and fire, much like the Balrog. However. I don’t see it as burning the ground it walks on.   Most of the pictures I took of this were mysteriously out of focus. It obviously did not want to be taken a picture of.   77038: Hell […]

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Reaper Bones 77344 Ice Troll

Frostgrave has some interesting charts of random encounter monsters. Which means having said monsters ready to play is a good thing.   And what is a game set in the lands of ice and snow without Ice Trolls? Even though I have not bothered to specially base my frostgravers with snow effects, and there really is nothing […]

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Goat, from Billy, Goat and Gruff.

I am painting up three thugs for Frostgrave, but only one is finished: The Brothers Grimm. This is Goat, the middle brother. The two youngest are naturally good at avoiding trolls.     77253: Beastman Warrior 2 Reaper Miniatures, Bones KS2 Bones PVC 30mm base.   Painted so far this month: 9 Painted so far […]

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The Anti Paladin

Companion to the Hellknight, the Anti Paladin:     Not really satisfied with the cloak, but then again, cloaks are not my forte. This one was painted similarily to the Hellknight. Both are meant for the evil warband for frostgrave as swordsmen / knights. This one might also be a captain if it comes to […]

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Reaper Bones Hordlings

After the big Harbinger demon, time to unwind with some smaller demons: The last two out of the three Hordlings from the second Bones Kickstarter. These were experiments with differently coloured inks, to compare the effects vs the transparent ones.   Here is the first one, that I painted last year. Just for completeness sake: […]

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Bones 2: The bare bones skeletons

Continuing with models from the Bones 2 KS shipment,  we get some skeletons out of the closet: 2 each of the barest of bony skeletons, no armour, no frills. Dead simple. They are a bit knock-kneed though. One good thing is that the Bones material used in these is much less bendy than the skeletons in Bones 1. Bones […]

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